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"Embodied Transformation"
Live Workshop 

with Maud Raber

June 27th, 2019, 7PM - 8:30PM CET, 10AM to 11:30 AM US Pacific Time

A highly experiential embodiment workshop where you will discover:

  • A SOMATIC EXPLORATION of the BODY-MIND CONNEXION and its deep implications for human potential development IN COACHING AND FACILITATION, through skillful use of posture, breathing and movement, towards more AWARENESS AND CHOICE
  • An introduction to CORE reference PRINCIPLES AND MODELS of EMBODIED INTELLIGENCE and embodied learning
  • THREE simple and powerful SELF-AWARENESS and SELF-REGULATION EXERCICES that you can apply immediately to yourself and your clients for greater ease and impact in complexity and pressure
  • A MAP for ongoing EMBODIED DEVELOPMENT over time, for the practitioner and her/his clients

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