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How to facilitate whole-person empowerment 

Being In Movement® MindBody Education

with Paul Linden, PhD - founder of the method - and a seasoned international BIM Faculty

Transform your coaching and facilitation with the power of radical embodied awareness and choice

The body is a critical part of who we are. Including it in professional coaching and facilitation strongly enhances their impact. 

It deepens awareness of self, others and relationships, opens the possibility for whole-person change and supports effective, long-lasting transformation. It is the gateway to a potent reconfiguration of our patterns of being, meaning-making and relating, as well as the neural pathways they are embedded in.

But not under any condition.

Many embodiment methods / approaches - even some of the world’s best-known ones – are, at their core, technique-based and prescriptive. “ In the face of challenge X, or to elicit outcome Y, do Z.”

But in the face of an ever-more complex world and a rapidly-evolving landscape of client issues, this is not good enough anymore.

We need more agile and creative interventions / approaches for whole-person coaching and facilitation.

There is a much deeper potential in embodied facilitation.

One where both the coach and the coachee are infinitely empowered to create and transform :

  • An empowered client who is invited to step fully into the driver’s seat, by acknowledging and harnessing their response-ability for their state of being, relationships and outcomes. 
  • An empowered coach, facilitator, or therapist, able to design on the fly the exact unique practice, exercise or simulator that responds to the challenge at hand.

Take your embodied coaching and facilitation to its next stage, by learning the core creative principles of a high-impact embodiment approach / method.

Join us in this 8-WEEK in-depth dive into the Being in Movement® MindBody Education method with its founder & embodiment master, Paul Linden, and his most seasoned practitioners worldwide.

Learn one of the most powerful and comprehensive embodiment methods,
from a true master

Eight 2-hour Video Workshops with Paul Linden

Core Teachings covering all major dimensions of the Being in Movement MindBody Education method, and the generative embodiment facilitation principles that underpin it and support embodied transformation so powerfully. Apply them to your own context and practice, and see an immediate impact.

Eight 90-min Video Workshops with senior BIM practitioners

To illustrate professional applications of Being in Movement and ways to integrate it with other coaching, facilitation, teaching and bodywork methods. Among Paul's most senior students, they have all applied the BIM approach successfully in business, organisational, educational and social change contexts. 

A lively community of practice

Embody the generative principles of the course with the support of peer practice groups, a private virtual salon, as well as solo application practices between classes. Deepen your learning through direct interactions with our Faculty
This learning community dimension has been rated by our students as one of the key assets of our courses for transformational learning.

Bonus materials

Carefully curated from Paul's prolific productions, you'll access video & audio bonuses, as well as additional articles and eBooks to deepen your learning.

Integration workbooks

To help you integrate and deepen the key principles and takeaways, and to support you in applying your insights and learnings in your own professional and broader life context. 

Fully downloadable

All materials can be downloaded (workshop videos, audio versions, workbooks, additional resources) for a duration of 6 months, so you can learn at your own pace.

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"Creating a mind-body state of calm alertness and compassionate power is the direct route to self-confidence, improved performance, and the ability to stay focused." 

Paul Linden

Meet the Faculty for this course

Composed of the Founder of Being In Movement® MindBody Education
and the most senior practitioners of the method internationally.

Paul Linden, PhD

Course Lead Teacher & Founder of Being In Movement® 

Paul is one of the acknowledged pioneers of somatics and the creator of the Being In Movement® Mindbody education. A 6th Dan Aikido Black Belt, first degree Karate Black Belt, and an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of body awareness education. He is the author of a number of books about applications of body awareness training in various areas of life.

Very pragmatic, witty and incredibly human, Paul has developed a talent, as well as a learnable set of fundamental embodiment principles for crafting « live » simple, pertinent and fun learning protocols in movement. In these live experiments, participants can test their habitual patterns and ways to operate, especially under pressure, and rewire them towards greater ease & efficiency.

For fun, Paul rides his bike, runs, practices Aikido, reads, practices organic gardening, and writes.

Paul is also the founder of the Columbus Center for Movement Studies and of Aïkido of Columbus (Ohio, USA). 

Guest Teachers

Among the world's most experienced BIM practitioners

Maud Raber

Course Host and Guest teacher. Executive embodiment coach and facilitator, faculty member of the Embodied Facilitator Course, Co-Host, the Embodiment Podcast and the Embodiment Conference.

Steven Kotev

Guest teacher. Conflict Resolution Consultant, Trainer, Somatic Educator. Adjunct faculty member of the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University (VA, USA).

Elizabeth Fannin

Somatic Educator, Middle Eastern Dance performer, teacher, choreographer & coach. Medical writer, Certified Delay the Disease™ Personal Trainer, Co-Creator of Removing the Parkinson’s Mask. 

Jack Kangas

Sports coach, somatic educator, aïkido instructor, Peace Corps volunteer. Certified Delay the Disease™ Personal Trainer, Co-Creator of Removing the Parkinson’s Mask. 

Richard Sims

Somatic and Mindfulness Educator, Instructor in the Art of Aikido, Facilitator for MenHealing, Registered Somatic Movement Educator / Therapist. Trauma-Informed Instructor.

Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Business coach, therapist, trauma professional and Tango teacher. Founder of the Embodied Facilitator Course Russia

Niels Janssen

Embodiment Facilitator, Certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication, Aikido instructor

Bibiana Badenes

Embodiment Coach, Advanced Rolfer, Physiotherapist, Bodyworker. Co-creator of
Integral Aquatic Therapy (TIA)©.

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Learn to embody and practice deeply liberating somatic work, beyond tools and techniques.

The Being In Movement® Online Lab is the first of its kind, in-depth 8-WEEK online coach and facilitator training in the Being in Movement MindBody Education.

This programme is designed to support you to take your embodied facilitation and coaching practice to its next stage.

Inside this highly supportive professional development incubator, our faculty will teach you how to:

  • Deepen your understanding and practice of body-mind integration, and how it can support the development of sustainable performance, resilience, constructive relationships, health and reaching one’s potential.
  • Develop utter clarity and rigor in your use of body-based language and concepts and submit them to constant testability, so that you can invite your clients into radical empowerment for outstanding results.
  • Get under your skin the fundamental, generative embodied change principles that will help you to creatively design tailor-made, deeply transformational embodied practices and exercices to host your clients’ growth.
  • Support your clients to navigate and own intense emotions in and through the body.
  • Grow a skillful use of touch and embody a clear ethical foundation in your body-based work .
  • Develop trauma-awareness in your professional practice so that you can enhance the impact and safety of your work when working with clients with a trauma history, and learn foundational practices for effective trauma healing.
  • Embody a fiercely compassionate transformational presence that will catalyze your client’s evolution, and learn to use humour to support powerful shifts in embodied learning.


There is no embodiment approach that we know of that can teach you embodied transformation that powerfully,

led by a pioneer of somatic education, expert at online embodiment teaching, who is also a fantastic human being.

Come and learn how with us, in The Being In Movement® Online Lab.

Video overview of the Being in Movement® MindBody Education

What makes the Being In Movement® MindBody Education unique?

  • Outstanding results through radical empowerment: Fosters extremely efficient and sustainable learning, through principles of intervention that put the client’s response-ability at the center
  • Operationality: Highly compatible with corporate and organizational cultures and the world of work, thanks to an extremely clear use of language, concepts and testability.
  • Infinite principles-based creativity for the coach, facilitator or therapist, thanks to the use of generative principles of embodiment that can be applied to any professional practice and context to create tailor-made practices and exercises on the fly.
  • Trauma-informed and extraordinarily efficient in healing trauma through restoring embodied powerfulness
  • Strong ethics foundation and supportive of skillful touch.

Course Session Topics

  • Course introduction – Being in Movement Fundamentals and basic self-regulation
  • Efficiency through clarity : Body-based language, logic and critical thinking
  • Leading through Being - Power and Love; intention
  • Emotions - Awareness and agency
  • Conflict, confrontation and embodied peacemaking
  • Trauma recovery - Core principles
  • Bodywork essentials
  • Course completion – Applications to participants' professional context and overall Q&A
  • Applications to Mediation and Conflict Resolution – Steven Kotev
  • Overcoming Stage Fright and developing ease in Public Speaking – Elizabeth Fannin
  • Supporting functional use of the body for optimal Performance and applications to Sports Coaching – Jack Kangas
  • Applications to Body Psychotherapy and Trauma Healing – Alexandra Vilvovskaya
  • Leveraging the power of intention in Purpose & Leadership Coaching – Maud Raber
  • Transforming Guilt and Shame and joint applications with NVC – Niels Janssen
  • Applications to Physical Therapy – Bibiana Badenes
  • + more to be announced

3 packages to choose from

Everything you need to bring your professional practice to its leading edge



Standard price

Online Lab - 28 hours of recorded highly experiential teaching

Workbooks to reflect and deepen your learning

Full contents downloadable for 6 months after course completion

Private virtual community for rich peer learning and interactions with the Faculty




Standard price

All contents of the DISCOVERY offer and access to the Being in Movement Professional Archive

(value 250 €) 

a rich online library of:

- Paul's key practical books and manuals

- Paul's professional video series (more than 20 hours of live workshop footage in total)

- All videos come with a full index for easy navigation and reference.




Standard price

All contents of the PROFICIENCY offer and two 1-1 mentoring sessions with Paul Linden

- sessions are 45 minutes each, to support your in-depth integration of the Being in Movement MindBody Education in your professional practice.


Things people have said
about Paul Linden's work:

"Paul Linden is gifted at uncovering energetic and emotional patterns that impede one’s capacity to be relaxed and fluid under pressure. He has a clear and gentle way of imprinting alternative skilful patterns so the body can recover a more unified, life-affirming way of being."

Wendy Palmer
Founder of Leadership Embodiment | USA

"Working with Paul has transformed my coaching practice and my life. His teaching is masterful. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him – the insights and clear meaningful application will change the way you live and work"

Fiona Buckland
Business coach and embodied facilitator | UK

"Paul teaches you practical, life-applicable skills. His instructions are easy to understand and follow. He is kind, brilliant, funny as hell, and you’re guaranteed to learn while laughing. He doesn’t teach by preaching, but by showing, so you’ll be learning through direct experience, with insights from your own feelings, in your own body, which is the kind of learning that sticks with you."

Tana Saler
Coach & Teacher | Ontario, Canada

"I appreciate the weight of Paul’s experience, mood, humour, teaching method, level of care for student development, quality of presence. Linden is a master."

Sindre Haga Andreassen
Therapist, somatic educator and father | Oslo, Norway

"Paul reaches the inner child, with his gentle manner and his deadpan humour! He creates an atmosphere of safety and respect, in groups, which is perfect for deep learning. He is extraordinarily humble for someone so talented and wise. He lives his work, there’s no mask or act, his integrity and big heart and power to help others to learn are all 100% authentic. I especially love his down-to-earth communication style – no waffle! Paul is highly intelligent and highly educated, but doesn’t strut these assets, instead using his patented Spaghetti Method of teaching! Don’t know what that is? Go to his workshops and find out!"

Fiona Kelty
Aikido teacher | Dublin, Ireland

"Working with Paul Linden is intuitive, fun, deep, profound, common-sensical and alive. A unique opportunity to learn from deep wisdom, mastery and experience. "

Arabella Smirnova-Beroskin
Embodied Facilitator, Operations Manager

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And finally...

When you purchase the 'Being in Movement Online Lab' course, you'll have a full month - that's 30 days - to go through all the material and apply the teachings to your professional practice.

If you complete all the sessions, as well as the corresponding work assignments (workbook reflections and exercices), apply your learnings to your client situations, and you're still not satisfied with the tangible benefits of this course, then just let us know, send us your completed curriculum materials, and we'll give you a full refund. That's how confident we are in the value of this course. We can't think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often ask me about the efficiency of online embodied learning, coaching or facilitation. From out experience, it actually works powerfully ! -Both as a stand-alone or in complement with in-person work. Except for touch maybe, online technology enables all powerful dimensions of embodied work : working with visual and verbal stimulation, or imagery for instance. Additionally, our work formats will blend large group teachings, debriefs, Q&As, as well as working in pairs or small groups for practice and learning integration.

Also, due to his health condition, Paul has reduced significantly his travel ... and subsequently developed a remarkable proficiency at transmitting his work online. We are passionate about making his outstanding work be more known internationally to benefit thousands of professionals; this is why we suggested him this project.

All your course materials will be fully accessible and downloadable in our online Course Environment for 6 months after the end of the programme.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be delighted to support you and answer any questions you may have on the programme or on Paul's work more broadly. 
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