Incubator Program

An Exclusive Accelerator for Embodiment Entrepreneurs 

LIVE Online Experience - By application

with Maud RABER, trainer and mentor to embodiment coaches and facilitators internationally

and Gabriel POWELL, Integral Professional Coach, founder of the Integral Branding method

Create the embodiment-based business and life that you love

If you are reading this, you are most probably passionate about bringing the body more into your coaching and facilitation to powerfully serve your clients.  You have invested to build highly valuable skills to foster whole-person transformation, and I believe the world needs them badly.

Are you bringing your embodiment practice as far and deeply as you’d like into your coaching and facilitation work?

If your answer is an immediate “Hell yes!”, then please ignore the rest of my message.

If not, then there’s obviously a meaningful leap that you could still take to the next stage of your embodiment-based services.

And a cost to it, in terms of your own fulfillment, and of missed opportunities for the world to be served by you.

Also a missing space for you to fully continue your own, in-depth, embodiment development journey that will make a difference in terms of depth of expertise, credibility and client transformational impact.

I can help, and would love to, if you’re really serious about it.

Here is a valuable, limited opportunity to work directly with me, and build on the great foundations you've strived to put in place.
If you're ready to take your business to the next level, we will soon reopen 12 seats for LEAP!, an exclusive programme blending group mentoring and 1-1 supervision / coaching.

Aimed at creating the embodiment-based business and life that you love by stepping fully into embodying your offer, no-holds-barred.

As soon as these 12 seats are filled, the programme will close.

Join a mastermind experience that will take your embodiment-based offer to its next stage

Ten 90 min Live Video Workshops

In our small group cohort of highly dedicated embodiment entrepreneurs, we will engage in 8 highly-experiential workshops spanning over 5 months, where we will collectively tackle the critical levers of successful business development for embodiment entrepreneurs (see topics covered below). 

These workshops will be a full-on developmental work that will:

– Spark and inspire your business development journey, equip you with practice and feedback partners and equip you for your creative, solo incubation phase
– Equip you with models, tools and materials to enlighten your business development
– Offer you the opportunity to practice visibility, giving and receiving valuable developmental feedback around how you embody your offer

Three Individual Mentoring Sessions with Maud Raber

In the course of the program, you will be offered 3 mentoring sessions of 45 minutes each: 
– the first one will serve as an intake conversation and identification of your specific needs and focus areas for the program
– You will receive 2 other mentoring sessions around the middle and the end of the program

Additionally, you will be provided with ongoing individual email / messaging support throughout the program. 

Branding Bootcamps & Individual Coaching with Gabriel Powell

Gabriel will take us into a powerful process whereby you will bring together all the meaningful elements of purpose, identity, values, ways of operating, etc. into your unique signature brand. We will explore its key features and how you can embody your brand in all the ways you show up in business relationship, as well as in your communication. 

Based on follow-up homework, Gabriel will then offer you an individual branding coaching session, where you will take this further. 

At the end of the program, Gabriel will deliver you a personalized branding book, which will inform your brand identity, brand strategy, as well as your marketing strategy and all communications. 

Weekly Individual Practice Assignments

LEAP's success is fundamentally anchored in practice, with a commitment to yourself and to your cohort and practice group. 

You will be given reflection and creative assignments weekly. 

This will sustain you to consistently take meaningful steps that will create traction and return on your investment. 

Expect 2 hours minimum of work per week depending on your situation.

Integration workbooks

These companions on the journey will help you integrate and deepen the key principles and takeaways of the workshops, and support you in applying your insights and learnings in your own professional and broader life context.

A Private Community of Practice & Accountability

You will have access to a private learning environment with exclusive multimedia resources, including tailor-made ones shot upon request by Maud in response to coaching supervision questions or business cases worked upon in cohort calls

In our Private Slack community, you will be able to connect and collaborate with others on your projects

You will be offered an optional peer coaching framework and infrastructure in pairs / triads for enhanced practice.

These practice groups have been appraised in my programs for their strong impact in terms of accountability, support, and enhanced results. 

Super Early Bird Invitation

Doors are currently closed. 
The program kicks off for its next cohort on January 15th, 2020. 

Super Early Bird pricing opens October 22nd, and will be announced only to our list.
If you'd like to benefit from this crazy 300 euros off Standard price, register now.

"Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take."

David Whyte, Start Close In,
in River Flow, New & Selected Poems

Meet your Faculty for this program

Composed of dedicated professionals who have personally walked this path before ... and are still walking it with you

Maud Raber 
Maud Raber - Program Lead Facilitator and Mentor

As an Executive embodiment coach and facilitator, and faculty member of different embodiment coach and facilitator trainings, I have been these last years on a journey of mentoring brilliant somatic professionals internationally. I enjoy tremendously eliciting and witnessing the embodied breakthroughs by which they connect to what matters the most to them, the service they want to offer and reframe through the body the beliefs that are holding them back. I love seeing them shine, take bold steps, make fierce client moves, and come out of the closet with their amazing service offers. Embodiment work is transformational, and I love helping those who provide it thrive!

Gabriel Powell - Co-Facilitator, Integral Branding Coach

As a certified Integral Coach, I am committed to radically further the impact coaches have in the world and the success they experience. Prior to becoming a coach, I led an exciting career as an author, graphic designer, and consultant in the publishing industry. In my Integral Branding offer, I combine my previous experience and Integral Theory to serve the world of coaching.

In this program, I am excited to be a companion on your journey and help you cristallize the essence of who you are as a professional, how you embody it and how it translates into your unique brand. 

Embody your offer in a highly compelling way and create clients naturally

The LEAP Program is a 5-months incubator dedicated to embodiment entrepreneurs internationally.

This program is designed to support you to take your embodiment-based business to its next stage.

Leap brings together all my expertise and experience of mentoring embodiment professionals over the last years internationally, as well as all the learnings I made studying from authentic marketing experts such as: Seth Godin, Steve Chandler, Marie Forleo, Tad Hargraves, Julia Chanteray and others... and all the mistakes I made on the way (time-saver - woo-hooooo!)

Add to this the branding magic of my branding expert and Integral Coach colleague Gabriel Powell, and you've got a burning hot cocktail that will blow your mind and rock your world.

Inside this highly supportive professional development incubator, you will grow the skills to:

  • Uncover your true purpose, service offering and natural audience and craft your unique relationship model and funnel, where you can serve relentlessly 
  • Identify the critical mindsets, beliefs and patterns whereby you are holding yourself back from business success, and reframe them through the body, to unleash your powerful creative genius
  • Define and embody your signature brand in a highly consistent way that will become your unique selling point
  • Create your tribe of fiercely supportive peers, kickass team members and raving clients - because growth is a collective endeavour, and you don't have to go it alone.


You have laid a critical foundation by growing your embodiment expertise.

Now is your chance to double it up with business-savviness so that your great work fully finds its audience. 

It will leverage all the business development you've already done and catalyze it into business-development breakthroughs and result that will bring joy and cash into your life.

No one benefits from you staying backstage.  

Join us and 'convert the try' in the LEAP Incubator.

6 months to take your business to its next stage

The return on investment you should expect from the program:

I expect participants to be able, in the 3 months after the end of the programme, to:

  • Double their prices
    Increase their closing rate with their priority target audience by 60%
  • Significantly improve the quality and density of their online presence (e.g. finishing this website you’ve been elegantly procrastinating to launch ;-) - I’ve been there too !)
  • Build successful entrepreneurial habits, including a long-term mutual support with their tribe of like-minded high-potential embodiment practitioners.

Super Early Bird Invitation

Doors are currently closed. 
The program kicks off for its next cohort on January 15th, 2020. 

Super Early Bird pricing opens October 22nd, and will be announced only to our list.
If you'd like to benefit from this crazy 300 euros off Standard price, register now.

LEAP was created for ...

- High potential embodiment professionals who have already built an existing competency-set in embodiment, from leading embodiment teachers and schools (incl. the Strozzi Institute, Leadership Embodiment, Being In Movement MindBody Education, the Embodied Facilitator Course, the Power of Embodied Transformation program, etc),

- Who have been working with paying clients for at least 6 months

- And wish to take the jump towards growing a full-time (or close) embodiment-based business

Who are therefore ready to:

- Let go within 90 days of non-core bread and butter activities, so they can fully invest into their ongoing embodiment and business development

- Go beyond their comfort zone to examine in depth how they embody their offer, the clarity and congruence with which they speak about it, how they listen to the needs of their client systems and the successes and challenges they face as they bring the body in their current work

- Work on their money shadows, embodied self-worth, identity and values with genuine curiosity, courage, vulnerability and a deep learning mindset

- Unpack their real-life client cases in a small cohort setting where in-depth peer learning and collective intelligence emerge

- And to show up consistently throughout the programme through active participation and transparent, courageous communication in their own development process and that of the close cohort. Humour and the capacity to take oneself lightly will be needed!


- Coaches and facilitators with less than 50 hours of prior training in embodiment, or with prior training but no existing client experience yet

- Who are not yet ready to invest in professional mentoring for their business development

- Who privilege an incremental approach and are not ready yet to take a quantum leap into another, radically different business model and relationship to their embodiment work

Some of the Hot Business Development Topics we'll dive into in LEAP:


- Uncovering your true purpose

- Harvesting your business DNA and key brand features: ground values, unique strengths, voice, style and preferences (aka the distinctive way you do your work and you do business)

- Business mindsets and mindtraps, common business terrors

- Your relationship to money and money shadows

- Self-worth and competency
Cognitive biases and their embodiment


- Your zone of genius and unique selling point

- Your ideal customer avatar and niche audience

- Your relationship funnel and story

- Crafting your offering and creating assets

- Pricing and value creation


- Building your platform, reputation and tribe

- Stepping into visibility: owning your power and gifts with vulnerability and transparency

- Authentic sales and marketing

- Harvesting client needs

- Outstanding listening and questioning skills in practice

- Communicating to your audience in ways that click - informed by vertical development

- Copywriting fundamentals

- Launching - and following through

- Building sustainability for your business

Your investment in yourself:

If you’re serious about bringing your embodiment-based practice to its next stage, then your investment to join LEAP is:

  • One payment of 1995 euros
  • Or three installments of 830 euros
  • A commitment to showing up in our cohort calls, 1-1 calls, peer coaching group and practice assignments consistently over the course of the programme, to the best of your abilities, to ensure outstanding developmental outcomes for you and the cohort

Super Early Bird Invitation

Doors are currently closed. 
The program kicks off for its next cohort on January 15th, 2020. 

Super Early Bird pricing opens October 22nd, and will be announced only to our list.
If you'd like to benefit from this crazy 300 euros off Standard price, register now.

Things people have said
about working with Maud:

"Maud’s online coach training enabled me to better include the body and use it as an instrument in my coaching work, and to be better able to access my intuition. I also deepened my capacity to develop embodied practices for my clients that support them on their journey of identifying, and ultimately changing their beliefs and assumptions about themselves."

Miriam Binder-Lang (Germany)
Integral Master Coach and Faculty, Integral Coaching Canada

"This course was brilliant, and so valuable! I appreciate all that went into its development. Maud’s extensive background in embodiment work/practice really shows in the precision of her teaching. So grateful to be part of this."

Eric Troth (USA)
Integral Evolutionary Leader, Coach and Facilitator

"I have participated in Maud’s previous online course for coaches as a faculty member, and I loved Maud’s teaching, in particular her clarity and the highly practical and interactive dimension she brings to the work. Great!"

Beatrice Hansen (USA)
Principal, Presence-Based® Coaching

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